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  • Started by Rachel Resnick
    ...his information along to anyone you think might be interested, if you recommend them. Any questions, welcome. Thanks to all of you for your previous participation and/or recommendations. I hope you're all wel...
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  • Started by Laura Didyk
    Last reply by Jackie McNamara
    Just started reading Michael Dickman's The End of the West (after reading his twin brother's completely opposite book All American Poem which on the APR/Honickman first book prize). Both books are wonderful. Right now, I'm hung up on Michael's book; so good...dark...powerful.
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  • Started by Jayme Lamm
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    ...s and how it affects your spine...) Others? 3. I am planning a Breast Cancer Charity Event on 10/16 in Houston...what breast cancer orgs do you recommend to be our beneificiary? Like...
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