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    Hi everyone! I'd like to begin again with a discussion of the essays by Anne Lamott and Sheree-Lee Olson. Anne is one of my favorite writers on motherhood, not because...
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  • Thanks--I actually have that resource--but my left-brained head started spinning when I tried to follow directions. Hence--this post.  I'll read again,though. Is it fa...
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    There are different methods to reduce the excess fat of your body and you may have tried many of those methods. These methods are dieting, extensive workout and leadin...
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  • christie nelson posted a status
    The Keys to the Kingdom Finding Place in Historical Fiction When your eyes glaze ov...ronze mythical animals are situated above the entry way. Julia Morgan’s 1937 remodel of the façade and gold lobby...
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    On today's show, Donna and Lee discuss their goal to open the Central Registry and how they believe it will reduce the number of children affected by child abuse. LISTEN HERE:
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    It was where movies stars used to go and rest up, be pamper...script their agents had just sent over. A series of modest bungalows set around a beau...setts. Back when his books didn’t sell or sold only modestly, they lived in a much sma...


  • Oh, man! Here I am trying desperately to reduce my consumption and use the local library, but they don't have any of the newest books out. Guess I'm off to Amazon. BTW, the first one on my list is Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie's newest. She is amazing!
  • Eileen, that's a very important point. It's hard for me to reduce fixed expenses, but I have lowered my cable bills by going to a more basic package, and will definite...
  • I read recently they've stopped teaching cursive writing in the schools. Where will our children be when they receive a letter written in our native tongue they simply...