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    ...rable amount of time online has heard about the Washington post. Just like the first two sites, you are most likely to find a handful of articles relating to adjustable beds. As usual,...
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  • My main concern is that I've heard horror stories relating to book returns for indie published authors. So say a bookstore wants to return books, the author is required to pay shipping...
  • ...and keep trying to write my novel!My son is a great teacher. Because of him I have learned patience and audacity, plus lots of specialised things relating to his needs!


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    Here's a new blog post relating both to Titanic and Titan. While your at the website, have a look around for more Titanic stories.


  • ...educational events, as opposed to...let's say... backstage at a music concert.  That said, and CONGRATULATIONS Rita, what also struck a chord was relating to how doe-eyed I've gotten a...
  • Great article, great practical advice. And thanks for relating the stories of these strong, brave writers! Bravo!
  • chill and...heal. Was I not a "writer?" Yes, I was still a writer. We all have our process, our way of finding our way through this world and relating it back through word and/or d...