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    OM A Day Campaign Logo by Ananda Leeke Artwork featured in Leeke's book That Which Awakens Me: A Creative Woman's Poetic Memoir of Self-Discovery Copyright 2009 b...
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    Hello fellow New England writers. I am organizing a get together of SheWriters. (Hopefully just the first of many SheWriters that SheMeets to come) The idea is to mee...
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  • She Meets retreat clarification. The term workshops is a misnomer...these are facilitated discussions. Come prepared to receive and to share. The length of the discuss...


  • I just spent 5 days without my laptop and have been in a foul mood, no doubt because it was a ridiculously mean-spirited and useless virus that attacked my computer (I...
  • That's wonderful, Dawn. Thanks for reading and sharing! I know what you mean about the laptop, which makes it easy to work everywhere! But having a sacred space devoted to relaxation and contemplation is a very nourishing gift!
  • Ilie this post soooo resonates with me! First of all I didn't realize that you adopted all 3 children at once! Wow! Amazing and what a big heart. I was adopted as a ba...