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    ...uted lifestyle of city life. The city life is filled with chaos, and people are dealing with extreme stress, and they need to get a vacation to relieve such stress. On top of that,...
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    ...ered her mother.             “Yas’m.” The maid hurried to crank the casements on either side of the mantel so that the ocean breeze could help to relieve the heat.              But Ma...
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    ...d. Why couldn’t he date who wanted? His dad dated his mom Sara May when they were younger. How dare his dad tell him who to date? Also walking to relieve stress was Frances she was wo...
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  • ...e not only with-in ourselves, but also with-in our larger communities. “ Many people are suffering. My son is suffering and I don’t know how to relieve it. I am suffering holding al...
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    Completely new to public writing. All of my work has been private as a way to relieve my burdened imaginative mind. Be gentle


  • ...and myself are also following in that same vein with a book raising awareness about the need to revive the art of care and medicine's mandate to relieve suffering. Looks like we're k...
  • ...successful in her career,  but when it comes to her love life she morphs into a clingy, desperate woman addicted to love. 2. Inspiration: To help relieve the suffering of those stuck...
  • especially high or low emotional moments, I still miss it), who now eats almonds by the handsfull and apples and carrots. The crunch seems to relieve the anxiety that comes with w...