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  • Started by Jenny Steffan inclination to larger dogs, with larger dog breeds having better memory as compared to their smaller counterparts. The larger dog breeds could remember things for a longer time whil...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    ...ome businesses to have specific payroll rules. Like a CIS Construction payroll is needed for those that are in the field of construction. Always remember to pay your workers the right...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    ...Obesity Feeding your dog well does not translate to overfeeding it. Remember that one form of healthy nutr...elow are some forms of natural foods for dogs. 1. Bones/raw meat Remember the saying "the patient dog e...
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    Mary Krakow posted a status
    ...his daughter in the care of his brother James while he recovered from his wife’s death. He was said to have had a nervous breakdown and I seem to remember hearing that he lived briefly...
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    ...Publishers. It was a good choice for me. If you’d rather go it alone, remember that you need to wear the hat...thus slowing the time it takes to get the book to market. It pays to remember that both Create Space and In...
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    ...nship afloat while having their heart broken time and time again. That does not sound appealing. That’s why I say, “Ride or die for what son?” Remember, if you need time to work on...


  • Hi Kristy, setting is my creative driving force, too. I loved this "But ten years from now, I wanted them to remember Peachtree Bluff."
  • Thanks for this. This is the simplest explanation I've seen. I'll remember it for myself and use it for the clients I serve as well.
  • Bella Mahaya Carter commented on her article Is Writing Fun?
    Amen to holding things lightly! That is often my biggest challenge. I forget. But, thank goodness, I remember!