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    A Home improvement can be done with the idea on how to im...ty. Click here to get more information about home remodeling ideas. Different areas...our real estate then the answer is renovating and remodeling. It can be taken into con...
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  • This site gives me hope. I am very new here. I have so much to learn. Someone wrote th..., Wauwatosa, WI. I am nervous and scared, but excited.  We have been so busy remodeling our second floor that I h...
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    Dear Ms. whoever I have highly researched and loved another book you represented,  It'...ust moved into the same house, still magnificent despite years of disastrous remodeling. Molly is a young wife an...
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  • I love having a place in which to put all my writing "stuff" -- writing books, drafts...and is less intimate than my creative work.) Before I got married, I enjoyed remodeling a second bedroom in my ho...
  • Home repairs and remodeling.  We recently purchased the former home of my husband's paternal grandparents, built in 1963 and in desperate need of updating, rewiring, etc etc etc.  It takes my mind off of just about everything.  I hope your folks send you their views soon.  (I hate to wait, too!)
  • Re cursive writing: Not to be contrarian, but it can't die too soon for me. I'm 65, we...think he invented himself. Recently I was sorting through my papers after a remodeling job on my office, and I a...