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  • ...d and their social maladies manifested In their hatred,greed,disgust,prejudice and sickness As she draws their life blood into her very being She renders her justice upon the sniverin...
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  • ...hunks it gives me permission to actually write without the guilt of knowing all the things around the house that need to be done, which some days renders me immobileized to the point...
  • Started by Kelley Harrell
    ...omething, she interferes and I lose bearings on the dynamic. A final attempt to connect with an aspect of her that is able to communicate with me renders a sobbing Jane. When I ask he...
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  • ...nd calming.  Meditation and yoga do help.  I've also discovered the value of even a 30-minute nap.  The deep breathing coupled with disconnecting renders such great results!  
  • an idea, something that has been grown from a seed into a beautiful plant. You can't just hack away at the plant to get to the main stem - it renders the plant ugly, and the creat...