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    Here is a link to submit your short spec fic publication news which will then be added to a spreadsheet to be published monthly by Feminist SF Wiki.
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  • I wish I could help! I've never been asked about using it as a template...(don't you love how people think that you alone can go over the wishing well and made things...
  • Hello everyone!  I am interested in your thoughts on combining food writing and sex writing. There are some questions in regard to how the public eye perceives the sen...
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  • Jane Schreiner posted a status
    ATTENTION 'WANNA BE' AND 'ALREADY AM' WRITERS She Writes is an incredibly diverse resource for any woman wanting to be in anyway active in writing at any level! Check it out!
  • Catherine Marshall-Smith posted a status
    Hey Stephanie, This is a good resource for writing and a way to connect with other writers.
  • Karen A Szklany posted a status
    Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! I am grateful for all of the blessings that I have known this past year, and I am grateful to have SheWrites Press as a resource. Hope you all are having a wonderful day with family and friends.


  • I'm a long way from this stage, but I've bookmarked this and will be thrilled to have it as a resource when I get my WIP all done and finely tuned. That WILL happen someday!
  • Great article never thought about the "marriage" angle but have to say in this busy fast paced world, I check for updates, announcements and above all news. Since we h...
  • Tracy, how very generous of you! I'll happily fill out the form. Also, if you're not using the resource giveaway to build your own e-mail list, you might want to consi...