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    One of the main keys to being a successful business is launching a high-quality product...
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    When you're trying to save money or cut expenses, it's all too easy to...
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    Hello all, I have a new formed small publishing company (Aziza Publishing: and we are currently producing our first two major titles. My visio...
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  • Started by Veronica Young
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    I found this article by Seth Godin about the direction of the Ebook Industry.  What are your thoughts?   Paying For First Here’s a bit of speculation: Soon, there will...
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  • Started by Rossandra White
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    I got this great idea from my Costco newsletter.  Seriously.  The author "Of Love and War: 1864" used Costco's photo center to create cards advertising his book for an...
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  • What a great idea! I love the concept of bringing memoirists together to speak about their respective topics—and even perhaps hold small workshops on the side with different authors during the day (similar to a breakout session, but more interactive). Thanks for another superb article, Brooke!
  • Ingram is a wholesaler, as is Baker & Taylor. A distributor is a company that warehouses published books for distribution to retailers. Distributors require a 75%...
  • Terrific guidelines!  And I second reading Chip Kidd's books on design--a visual treat and so inspiring.  Also, if your book is traditionally published, take a look at...