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    ...operating. Medical researchers work primarily with the purification and secretion of...
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  • Started by Luisah Teish I'd like to hear about your sources of inspiration, your present endeavors, and the ways that we can assist each other. Thanks for your responses. Luisah Teish
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  • ...this reply to Sara. It's also very helpful to me, as I have two unpublished novels, had an agent for a while for my first novel and had similar responses: nice, beautiful, but not str...
  • Great question! I've been wondering the same thing. I wish you'd gotten more responses!


  • Mag Dimond posted a status
    I just posted two fairly recent blog entries from my new improved website Both speak to the quirkiness of being in a human incarnation, and offer personal responses to the challenging events we're faced with in these times.
  • Ariel Rosetti posted a message for Lisa Boucher
    It took me some time before I would even tell people that I wrote books.When I finally did it opened up avenues for positive and negative responses But that is all part of the scenario. Writing for me is like breathing it has to be done to stay alive.
  • Wanda Fischer posted a status if I'm going the self-publishing route. I've approached agent after agent, and, since I'm almost 69 years old, how much longer can I wait for responses? One of the biggest obstacles...


  • ...characters and situations but have no forum like yours in which personal choices can then be illuminated and discussed. So would be grateful for responses on here. It's working title h...
  • Thanks for your responses, Katrina and Mary, and to Frances, too. Insightful comments and helpful for me as well.
  • Thanks for the responses, all. What a nice treat to read them. Juliana, I love your tale about the woman who didn't realize poetry didn't have to rhyme...isn't that something? W...