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    Last reply by Sharon Ferguson with their particular formats. I am also very good with grammar and spelling. I am willing to help out with novels, but I think I will have to restrict it to one at a time, because...
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  • you have added a nice tight view of Sassy at 13.  Now it's time to subtract the things that aren't working.  If this were my project, I would restrict the query to this:   Spanning...
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    ...s of writing, tips I have learned along the way and so forth.  So I would like the guest posters to stay along similar lines, but I don’t want to restrict the guests by giving them a s...
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  • Lol - loved your story about your son. When my kids were little I had to restrict my reading because I would get so caught up in the story that I would neglect them. Too much of a good thing! 
  • ...ff every now and again when something gets me going and I need to release some steam.  The writer-blog though, lacks a focus even though I try to restrict the topics to what my novels...
  • Thanks for posting this well written and well researched article. I would also like to add that even when you restrict yourself to 35% royalty rate that is more than double what you ar...