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  • Elisabeth, the rest of you guys, could you take a look at this revision? I made some t...she met Daddy.” The carriage house smelled of gasoline from the Buick touring model D parked in front of the now...
  • Before I run off to my novel again, I wanted to share something I found interesting. Does your mood and the weather also influence your writing? For me, that got wors...
  • My tongue fought against the cloth stretched tightly between my teeth.


  • Shelley Workinger posted a status
    #FoodFicFriday Not all the meals in the series are appetizing, unless you’re a zombie. Sink your teeth into this survival horror epic:


  • This makes me giggle. I think all writers have their secret pet peeve, and are trying to rid the world of them! Personally, seeing people confuse loose & lose, or seeing the word 'alot', sets my teeth on edge.
  • I lOVE this piece ... I'm working on a presentation for Women Writing the West, and may well refer to it.  I will definitely refer a few of my clients (both men) to it...
  • Karen, nice article! Jeff Kleinman's description of sinking his teeth into a manuscript... editing, plotting, char. motivation, etc. reflects back to "the days of Max Perkins" in my mind. (The spirit of MP keeps me motivated.) I love the journey craft makes possible. #aminspired