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    Hi guys, I'm working on a guide for progressives who are looking to convert and...rice of becoming Jewish, dealing with gentiles, navigating the holidays, modern Jewish learning, modern Jewish style, and Judaism a...
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  • What a powerful hair story - and such courage.  My sister is a survivor of breast cancer. It is an incredible battle and victory to survive.  You asked for hair storie...
  • Thanks Marley! I've been working on this off and on for years. Here's a little more .. It was final. Duane was engaged to an artist with high cheekbones, and Dessa wa...


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    My mission is to help build bridges between tech-savvy kids and parents and, thus, build relationships of trust by covering different issues


  • Appreciate the structure.  In contrast to "Sharin" I have a wealth of family information - hundreds of letters, photographs, and ephemera covering the years from 1850...
  • Maria, I like that headshot you traded your editing skills to get. And getting free wine and snacks and the views of Manhattan from the penthouse roof-deck - you are i...
  • Nancy, I think you're covering such an important point. I work with a lot of writers and this is something that I see quite often--I think they could learn from you!