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    Passing this along--I don't know the organizers of this event. ~*~*~*~ Call for Submissions - Is Your Love Supernatural? Do you have an erotic palette for a ghostly...
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  • Hi Carrie, Welcome to She Writes. You will find many kindred spirits here. As for face to face time, check out your libraries, bookstores and local writing groups of S...


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    Hello kindred spirits - I write young adult books for old souls.


  • Hmm. Does drinking more coffee count? ;-) Seriously though, I think the biggest change I've made has been to expand my social circle to include more kindred spirits. I...
  • Very inspiring! I clicked on this article not knowing what to expect.  What did I leave with? Very sound advice. Thank you for sharing and lifting my spirits!
  • I am writing my first novel.  I am in my first draft so I switched genres from fantasy to Scifi.  My story begins with voodoo spirits by the 16 th chapter I discovered...