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    If shaving your back is a priority, then you should be a...perfect. Prepare yourself by...
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    One of the main keys to being a successful business is launching a high-quality...
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    In the United States, many CBD products other CBD products, like topicals,...
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    I'm wondering how other people deal with freebies: product samples, kitchen equipment samples, comped restaurant meals. Here's my policy so far, although I may adjust...
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  • Started by Serra Zander
    A day late, but not a dollar short! I'm going to post the scene here as part of the post, plese feel free to comment or even better, post your own scene!   Julius duck...
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  • Hello Ladies, Amy - I can't wait for your book! Will buy it immediately and I trust you'll let us know where we can find it. Thankyou! Casey - we're all different -...


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    Marcia Clarke posted a status
    Daily Talk Johnathan: Hi Sealy great day out in the park. I thought it would be much cooler but I can accept this. Sealy: It sure is. I am super excited to be ou...
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    When ice cream is more than just ice cream - #FoodFic from guest author Rosanne Dingli:


  • Truly - it is the only photo that I have that I am willing to share. I had skin cancer shortly after this photo and I have been very aware of the scar. Although people...
  • Dear Lea, thanks for the advice. I took accidentally read your post too quickly and ended up taking my frustrations out on an ice cream cone. Didn't end so well. But I appreciate the non-horrible spirit behind your missive!!!
  • oops! i'm new around here Kathryn so i just read your post today. You're right, the whole point is to have readers, maybe i should say a reader. I prefer to have one r...