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    Space, robots, technology, science. All these things are part of what makes a good SciFi...
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    I'd like to create a forum for science writers.
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    For writers of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror/Dark Fantasy, Magical Realism and all the...
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    Welcome to Word Flow and cutting edge writing and creative process tools and techniques...
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    ...ontent to convert your readers into customers. Creating blog posts for a matter on...
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    ...dn’t be possible without this fascinating laboratory work. Protein expression and...
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    ...mood swings, and even hot flashes will help a lot. Maybe you work full time as a...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    ..., if you find yourself having trouble eating, you may be experiencing infatuation. Although it can be difficult to know what love truly means, science suggests that it is a very re...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    ...students can learn more about science outside of classrooms. Ult...e research and development in science and technology means a better...arbon emissions. In addition, science and technology has increased...So, don't waste your money on science and technology, and read this...
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  • ...'re willing to share. Which literary journals are you thinking of submitting to? I use the free to locate publishers. I queried a science magazine for children (Ask) b...


  • Emma Davis posted a status
    ...riting procedure. You need to be very particular while following the guidelines of this writing format. Apart from philosophy, history, political science, anthropology students, the l...
  • Chantal Walvoord posted a message for Jessica Kapp
    Hello, Jessica. Could you tell the group a little about yourself? I'm a librarian but I'm interested in writing and science. I'm currently editing/ghost writing something for Dallas Police. I'm interested in forensics.
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    Two spaces after a period, just as Miss Knight imprinted us with in typing class. It's science! My high school newspaper editor niece's explosion in 3, 2, .... "The effect of spacing following periods and commas during reading" --


  • Great story writing analysis. I'll keep this show in mind while creating my fictional characters. Lots here that makes the show a success. I love the throwback aspect of it. I don't even care for science fiction normally :)
  • ...rer Merlin, an immortal shapeshifter, but no one knows where he came from and who he really was. Who is your ideal audience? Readers and fans of science fiction, fantasy, magic, the...
  • ...el attempt in the early 1980s did not go well, as I am embarrassed by the way I wrote, But, it was my first novel length. As I was still teaching science then, and younger, life got i...