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    What is everyone's interests? I'm interested in neurobiology and computer programming.
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    Hi all,   You were so much help with my Query letter I was hoping to get some feedback on my one page synopsis that some agents require.  I have a few that I'd really...
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  • Hi Adrienne- only just seeing this question now.  But here is what I have learned in r...n for the last year) and much of it based on the Boyd's Mills Press/Highlights model, which is where I learned it...


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    Hi Ketty, What is your scientific specialty? I have an interest in science but no specialty.


  • Wow--a toughie!! I'm not completely sure if I'm pro- or anti- men-on-the-She-Writes site. I think I come down that it's better NOT to exclude men in general, although...
  • ‎"Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men." - MLK, Jr.
  • There was an interesting article in Scientific American (about a zillion years ago, before burqas and hijabs were common on European and American streets) that examine...