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    ...the content and products can be shared for highlighting services. The selection of the youtube packages shoul...more about the uploading of the videos. With the help of experts, the selection of the best videos can be mad...
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  • See 'Fairy Tale', a selection of tiny poems created from my tweets during our Twitter Poetry Party:
  • ...e intricacies of women of faith, how they love, whom they love and why they love them.  The book will explore the choices of women in their mate selection, marriage, dating, being celi...
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    ...duct aisle to see the nearly empty shelves. No toilet paper, a dozen or so Kleenex boxes, and that was about it until the paper plate and napkin selection (unusual). Two ladies, both a...


  • ...uple of friends with whom I no longer speak said it was fun. When my book came out in '12 FB and Twitter became primary targets. My first friend selection were writers from Zoetrope wh...
  • Fabulous selection! This last book, The Vintner's Daughter is coming up at $12.77 not the .99. just an FYI. I'm also having trouble getting other books for the .99cent price. I wonder if it's b/c I'm a Canadian customer?
  • ...shers at a time when the internet and social media should allow for broader distribution of art and ideas. I am not arguing here in favor of mob selection. But I do feel we need to bro...