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  • Started by Amy Jo Sprague
    To go beyond myself and my own disabilities, I decided to get inside the pain and stor...ling to step out of myself and feel for another--to get out of that "my world" mode all the time.
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  • Jennifer--I've been thinking about the question in the header of this discussion since...up is a straw dog. Who really thinks about motherhood in a Leave it to Beaver mode anymore? To pretend that you...
  • No, for sure it's oxycodone, actually oxycodone APAP which has the 325 mg. acetominaphin in it. Re: medical marijuana, I MUST share this true anecdote with y'all: My M...


  • Aimee Liu posted a status
    “Fiction is the art form of human yearning.” – Robert Olen Butler “We are living...Chief?) – does little to quell its effect on my psyche. I’m in fight-or-flight mode all the time, feeling angry a...
  • Hi Kristin - I need help. I have been having severe issues posting for a couple of months and keep receiving an error when I try to post. I have submitted reports via...
  • Cheryl Roshak posted a status
    After three years of severe illnesses that kept me from writing, I think and hope I am back now to resume where I left off so long ago. Being ill, i discovered, is a full-time job. I'm back now, and here to tell the tale.