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    ...“Margie” Christina Janzen, tearfully chose to keep her own. Now adults, Margie continues to be open and giving, while Spike remains introverted, shutting herself off from everything a...
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    When the writing critics have you down (whether internal or external), what do you do to fight them off? Do you have a system for shutting out the noise and getting back to work?In six words, tell us: What's your writing survival strategy?
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  • ...conditioning because it's blissfully quiet. I write at the same time each day to help the creative essence. When I flow, I have a difficult time shutting down even if I'm very hot....


  • Great advice, BUT I'm at a very early stage in writing my book and having problems with my inner critic shutting down my writing flow.  You have to write it first to be able to realize...
  • Part of working at home is distraction. One way I tune it all out is by turning off social media, shutting my door, putting in my earbuds and listening to some moody music, especially...
  • Shutting off the WIFI is SO very important!