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  • ” I loved the book, mostly because it is filled with writing exercises inspired by sp...remember
 them. Expressing and listening to one’s own life story is an ancient mode of healing. How do we learn t...
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  • Oh how funny--you're on vacation and you're doing all this research! No wonder your hu...s platform. :) Now shut off your computer and go out there and get in VACATION mode!!
  • I'd like to hear more too. My site, VenusVision, covers a variety of topics, so hopefully I could make something work on some of the other sites here. Let me know what the details are when they get worked out.


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    Ellen Tiernan posted a status
    Hi, I am a former high school English teacher and am now writing historical fiction. I like to go camping with my husband, crochet, water color, Irish dance, garden, a...
  • Marta C Weeks posted a status
    Want to share that I finally published The Sylph's Tale, Book One of Immortals - The Series Brief synopsis: The Sylph’s Tale is a magical tale of discovery and lo...
  • Suzanne Frischkorn posted a status
    I’m excited to share that my new poetry collection is now available! This book took me a lifetime to write and I am so happy it found a home with JackLeg Press. FI...


  • I also paint and I think one inspires the other, at least for me. I like your blog sites.Thanks for your wonderful comments.
  • The anniversary of the Alaskan oil spill caused by the grounding of the Exxon Valdez came and went with no national news (March 24th). We forget so easily. Read my poe...
  • I roleplayed Dotty on various other sites for about four years. Then I wrote a few prompts (and I'm still writing prompts and roleplaying her) before I decided to writ...