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    If you are an author, and artist, and also have a business (or two or more) using your...
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    This group is for writers who are in the process of writing or have written and know...
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    • I read a book. I keep a sheet of paper nearby and when my brain is in read mode, I get ideas about what to write....
    • I definitely know what you mean when you say the world crea...a sticking point, that's when I'll go into research mode. I've found it useful to use...the India-Pakistan conflict over Kashmir as a rough model, and have each country claim...
    • Started by Amy Jo Sprague
      To go beyond myself and my own disabilities, I decided to get inside the pain and stor...ling to step out of myself and feel for another--to get out of that "my world" mode all the time.
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    • K B
      Karen B. Jones posted a status
      I'm a retired Deputy Fire Chief turned writer. I eat, sleep, and dream writing, or more specifically my WIP.
    • Sarah Kennedy posted a status
      Allow me to introduce myself and tell you a little bit of my own story. Why do I write? I believe that moments of pain can be redeemed, that in the right hands they...
    • anjanettepotter posted a status
      My book blog BOOKWORM is currently taking part in WOW's (Women on Writing) blog book tour. Today's guest author is Renee Antonia, author of "I'm not Okay". Feel free t...


    • I kept diaries and journals for years...and then I started blogging. For about six It's great to have a place for my stream of conscience, and to get me in a mode to write what will be seen by...
    • Julie, this is so wonderful and refreshing! I love the writing community and we need one another, but it is also easy to slip into the complaint mode with people who "get it". Thanks for this great reminder! Susie
    • Sian - as someone who grew up in a home full of addiction and all the dysfunction that...mpanies it, I get that instinctive urge to label your feelings as "whiny brat" mode, but I think your points are...