• Jacqueline Mareme posted a status
    Hello there! I have just started brainstorming...my desire is to write a memoir and take it from there. I hope you can be of assistance, I have never written anything except great essays when I was in school and my teachers were always encouraging me to write because of my debate skill I had then.
  • Hallie Sawyer posted a status
    Wow. It's been awhile! I have had a couple people reach out to me because they found me in this online community and realized it'd been a hot minute since I've been in here. I love the changes and think I can see myself hanging out here again. Glad to see it's still up and thriving!
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    Wrote my first article today title 'How I Improved my Writing in Less than a Year'. I actually just started writing for leisure some months ago. Prior to that, I wasn'...
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    Sylvia in a bookshop with her books 19/12/19 Sylvia broadcasting on Phoenix FM in 2017 IF you want something done ask a busy person! This certainly applies...