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    Hi all! We've had a good go of it here at SheWrites/Twitter Connect this week. We've added over 20 members which I think is pretty good for our first week. I hope this...
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  • Started by Margy Rydzynski
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    Hello, all. I wondered if any of you had tried using various social media outlets (i.e., social networks, blogs, videos, podcasts, etc.) to publicize your work? If so,...
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        I have been writing on how many friends and photos are too much and why I  am getting disenchanted with promoting my book on facebook Please check it out. It has a bit of memoir in it too.  There are two parts. I hope you enjoy. Please comment if you do or don't agree  aloha    
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  • Marsha Flamming posted a status
    This is a really amazing possibility and you should count it! Do texts really help? Web pages and social media platforms should be filled with the appropriate informat...
  • Lucinda Sage-Midgorden posted a status
    I'm on such a writing bent that I haven't check into social media lately. Working on a new book of essays, INNER LIFE OF A LATE BLOOMER BABY BOOMER. It's challenging.
  • Suzanne Frischkorn posted a status
    I’m excited to share that my new poetry collection is now available! This book took me a lifetime to write and I am so happy it found a home with JackLeg Press. FI...


  • You are a shot in the arm today for me as I have been in "promotion mode" since June 25 when my memoir (Re)Making...
  • Quick comments concerning questions #3 and #4. Number 3 -...Writers. All writers need to have a mentor, a role model and an advocate. The three a...d others times we learn. Often when in the teaching mode, we learn. When in the learni...
  • I totally understand your frustration with social media. I just braved the social...rin advised me, you have to shift hats as a writer, shifting from creative mode to business mode. My main apprehension is maki...