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    To make it easier for everyone to share their Social Networking links, let's collect them in one place!  Simply copy and paste this list, adding in your relevant links...
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    Hi all. I would like to connect with more authors via social media and Goodreads. If anyone is interested, please follow, and I'm happy to follow you back. I love to s...
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  • Started by Shreya Sen
    Yes, we are going places!:). If you appreciate The Survivor Chronicles and all that it stands for, please do 1)Join the Facebook Page
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  • Janelle Stear posted a status
    Grocery Shopping During Covid-19 Instead of my usual little informative blogs, here is a story for you. Yesterday, at the grocery store, I walked around feeling as...
  • Victoria Chames posted a status
    To Tell The Truth essay for MAT @ 9/22/20 +PROMO files In a few days I’ll send out the email book-launch announcement about my book, Victory Is My Name, a Me...
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    Business owners, bloggers and other people, who need to attract as many customers as they can, should probably think about the possibility to increase their popularity...


  • You are a shot in the arm today for me as I have been in "promotion mode" since June 25 when my memoir (Re)Making...
  • I agree with you, Ilie - Pinterest is very relaxing. I also think it's another one of those great "back door" strategies. By pinning items related to your book (for me...
  • PS...Amen,  Zetta Brown,  and CJ Jackman Zigante!  You mentioned things I forgot.  The DOWNSIDE of publishing your own book is....eternal self-promoting,  social netwo...