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    Hello, all. I have a question. I was wondering: does anyone know of some really great resources for keeping abreast (well in advance!) of foodie events, festivals, upc...
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    When I was in my 20’s I never would have thought to start a bucket list. Now I’m quickly approaching 40 and I’ve decided I want one. If I could go back in time I would...
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  • yeah, blogger recently came out with a template designer, which i absolutely love. i updated the look of my blog as soon as i saw the template designer. i'm not sure i...


  • Victoria Chames posted a message for Sue Turcotte
    Hello Sue - I'm embarrassed to admit, I just now (May 9) found your comment. I'm still learning how to use this techno-stuff. I did discover the typo later and was ho...
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    Are You Ready to Become an ‘Authorpreneur’in the New Year? A new year, new projects to complete and just maybe one of your new projects is publishing your own books...
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    I'm currently working on several articles for all my different sites. I went yesterday to Sooner Lake and collected plant life to help herbalist know what is there.


  • My take: allow yourself to be as foolish and stupid as you could ever imagine being ... and write "blindly" whatever comes to your mind, with no judgment at all. The c...
  • Love the name of your imprint!! Wishing you the best. I've self-published, twice so far The Secrets They Kept and It Takes An Egg Timer, A Guide to Creating The Time For Your Life  with more on the way and have never looked back. My only regret is I didn't do it sooner. 
  • Thank you Kameko and Anne for responding. Kameko-- I agree with you about knowing what you want. I used to hold things in alot, but now I speak up more and let my nee...