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    The topic of self care is popular among people today, but what does it mean to you?...
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  • Hi, I have a book trailer, it is on my facebook, you tube and my website! Would like to know how to set it up to my email. check it out it is very well done I think!! Amanda Wolfe
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    Pregnancy can be a long and distressing time where your bod...child. No one warned you about how pain-filled and moderate moving your body would massage, you will have the option to unwind in a moderating natural shower splash f...
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  • Started by Karen Cantwell
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    I've created a book trailer for my new book that just went for sale on Kindle, and while it is posted on both my website and You Tube, I'm just wondering if there is m...
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    Hi I have been on she writes for many years and am requesting that you and your followers will subscribe to my you tube channel elaine taylorbrown thank you. I need 1000 subscribers.
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    And here's the event on You Tube:


  • Very nice.  Great job.  The wording of presumed told me he might not be dead yet??  And although that remark might make you go crush your toothpaste tube over and over...
  • Hi Heather! I am a writer and blogger and for a long time also ran a medical philanthropy that organized spine surgeries for crippled children in Africa, Dominican Rep...
  • Love this post! Especially #6 - whenever I see somebody whose books are in pristine condition I think, wow, you must not like books very much. But when someone lends m...