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    November is still a long way off, but that is a good thing if you have never taken up the practice of freewriting to random prompts (if you don't know what freewriting...
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  • You are all so inspiring and encouraging. I am so glad I joined this website. I love that I have other female writers (published and unpublished!) to commiserate with, and from whom I can draw strength and stability. THANK YOU. Really.
  • By RYCJ
    Hello Kelly, First, thanks for replying. I've made pretty much the same assessments; 'Mean-spirited, defensive, and often (not to exclude myself) those who misread or...


  • Brooke Warner commented on her article How Rejections Can Help You
    @Mardith, yes, you can pay an editor, but you want to work with someone who has traditional publishing experience. We are offering manuscript assessments through She Writes Press, so you can certainly contact me there if you're interested in getting a bid: info [at] shewritespress [dot] com.
  • On the book cover the photographed legs look like those of a white woman? Why would you do that? Black woman are so beautiful!! And either black or white, you are stil...
  • "Side businesses offer stability, expand skills for aspiring writers."