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  • I definitely know what you mean when you say the world crea...a sticking point, that's when I'll go into research mode. I've found it useful to use...the India-Pakistan conflict over Kashmir as a rough model, and have each country claim...
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    Social Media is an essential part of a working author's life and Publishing indeed doe...-your-author-platform/ Kami Garcia – YA Novelist – She is a great Twitter Role model. She has a high level of int...
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  • I love Scrivener - great for large manuscripts, especially if you tend to move scenes...ith lots of research material & multimedia. I also enjoy the "full screen" mode - helps me stay focused. Enj...


  • Irene Kessler posted a message for Nora Page
    Hi Lauren, My name is Irene Kessler and I am in almost exactly the same place. I am just finishing a novel and have already started the memoir and it's turning out to be what I don't want. Let's stay in touch or maybe find others and form a group. Let me know.
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    Hello to all, I have been busy since I got back from my month-long vacation. Boy did I need it. I will start posting some of my current work.
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    Sylvia in a bookshop with her books 19/12/19 Sylvia broadcasting on Phoenix FM in 2017 IF you want something done ask a busy person! This certainly applies...


  • Jane Hammons commented on her article My Brain on Google
    Thanks for your comments Wendy and Julie. Really--I'd be lost without Google. And Twitter :) I teach a hybrid composition class and use Twitter as a way to stay current with ed tech stuff. I've never read War and Peace, and I probably never will. But I can't blame Google for that!
  • Ah, the intorverted writer finds herslef in a crowd, I know the scenario well.  The ve...ple I don't know I still have the tendency to be a wallflower. I'm in observer mode afterall. But, I now teach wr...
  • Change electrifies and terrifies me! I strive to keep up, stay current, keep thinking, wondering, wandering, and searching for meaning in my life.  I student taught in...