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  • I love Scrivener - great for large manuscripts, especially if you tend to move scenes...ith lots of research material & multimedia. I also enjoy the "full screen" mode - helps me stay focused. Enj...
  • Aimee. thanks for this. Is your book a Memoir? Im wondering about his 'angry tone' too. You also say to let it rest and revisit it later etc. but how do you KNOW when...
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    Let’s face it; we live in a controversial society. It is quite surprising how something simple such as a minor accident could blow out of proportion. A person wi...
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    Have a fabulous and peaceful Friday. FYI Tweeter is having a Share Friday for authors, and readers today. Stay safe. Rose
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    Hi, I can get on the site, but unable to write any new articles:( I wonder if it is because of CORVID-19? Stay safe.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!! I’m personally thankful for health, family, and friends. God is SO good. Enjoy your day, and please stay safe. From my family, to yours. Cassandra Black,


  • Great read very informative and I had no idea all this lady did for us was a time we had to fight to get out of the mother homemaker mode and now there are some ladies that want that mode and are made to feel that the...
  • Ah, the intorverted writer finds herslef in a crowd, I know the scenario well.  The ve...ple I don't know I still have the tendency to be a wallflower. I'm in observer mode afterall. But, I now teach wr...
  • @Penny:I understand your point, but I could no more stop running that I could stop wri...I need both to survive, and running marathons keeps me in perpetual "training" mode, that way I don't fall off th...