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  • You can have someone else mention the attribute you wish to highlight. You don't need every attribute assigned unless it is relevant, in which case it should come up n...
  • Because the reveal is (hopefully) that Azelie is also a "half-breed" I think I have to get Margierite's hair care in there, as it is revealing, suggestions for how to do that? The idea about smells is great.
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    Hi everyone. Yesterday my sister and I had a discussion about vintage love letters, during which we came across the Immortal Beloved letters of Beethoven. I've read th...
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    A New Weekly Post for my Family Friendly Blog: This Historical Romance Reflects the Mood of the Roaring Twenties. The “Roaring Twenties” was a time of great change, w...
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  • I think what is also quite clear is that women who succeed professionally--especially.... "let herself go") and had no-nonsense hair.  Now that she is in pre-campaign mode, her hair is always perfectly...
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    Hi Mary, thanks for your comments. I have lived with bad hair my whole life and then I have a bad eye, so it droops or closes in pictures a lot. I hate every picture I...
  • Amy, I'm so glad I saw this because I've just been thinking about Angelina Jolie and her daughter Zahara(?). Well, Zahara's not mixed race, but from the few photos I'v...