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    I'm working as a subcontractor for a marketing firm, and have done several articles for one of their clients (a large health-care agency). Everyone is very happy with...
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  • Started by Elisabeth Kinsey
    Hi all Sioux City-ers, I will be teaching a 5-week Storytelling Workshop.  Here is the flyer. Write the Stories of Your Life Workshop   “Why do we misremember things...
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    Ladies, I'm looking to build my portfolio and thought I would offer book cover design services to two or three authors. This will be a freebie so here are the terms, s...
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  • Nothing beats the touch and smell of a good hardcover or paperback in hand. It's my preference , as well, for it feels like a gift from the author themselves. I still...
  • @Cindy, well said. @Sharon, I'm pretty sure Kamy's agent is her original agent from her...mend us as a viable alternative, but of course this model d...tracts are directly with the authors, so any agent "fees" would be negotiated between...
  • A special place or places can inspire all writers. Late and great Pulitzer Prize winning writer William Saroyan (a family friend) came back to Fresno in his later year...