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    ...all forms and types of businesses and continues to rule the roost in the 21st century.You’ll need to have a very robust and aggressive marketing strategy to firmly position your brand...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan team or outsourcing to a company. However, there’s another option; SMM software. SMM software is a means of automating your social media strategy. You can use this software to...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan notifying others coping with the same problem to know where you need to be. Every individual should really have a prepared emergency backup strategy that is examined and updated...
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  • Amanda DiSilvestro posted a status
    ...ost small businesses understand that a mobile strategy is a non-negotiable factor fo...the last year now that most people have their strategy in place and set to go. How...many different factors that go into a mobile strategy, but a landing page is a big...
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    Freelance Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant with a focus on SEO. I love writing tech related stuff while I drink my first coffee at 5 am. I also have 2 dogs that make my life complete.


  • Thank you, Jessica. Great article. My first novel, Exit Strategy, is a perfect example of what you describe. It's fiction but tells the real story of immigrant women on produce washlines.
  • .... Others uninterested. Or depressed. Or sick.  Still, I understand your dilemma and sometimes feel that way myself.  In terms of prioritizing, my strategy is to know I can't do it all...
  • ...worry about AMZ doing a mprice match. See, it all gets so complicated so quick, which is why I tend to stick to a pretty straightforward pricing strategy. Thanks for sharing your thou...