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  • Great discussion, Kamy. I agree with you about the line you draw. If an author is earnestly trying to recreate a scene or story solely from personal recollection, or d...
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    Unfortunate events may occur every once in a while. Thus, you should prepare yourself all the time. As an employee, you want to keep your job for so many justifiable r...
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    Hi Everyone, I'm working [again] on my query. I'm new to this forum and thought I'd take advantage of your collective genius and let you have a go at it. Also, below t...
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  • Juanita Davis-King posted a status
    Got a huge lot of poetry to edit from writing and letting the poems pile up. Now, it's crunch time. I have been working daily under a strict deadline that I've given myself, because of this I have been steadily progressing towards publication early 2019.
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    NEED AN IDEA FOR YOUR NEXT NOVEL? Your book has been published, the publicity links have been made, and royalties are beginning to arrive as you breath...
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    Hi, Lizzie. It looks like you haven't yet found followers. I am not a former Amish, but have long been fascinated by people who leave intensely structured religious co...


  • We should lobby for strict gender parity for this anthology committee. Any chance for a Trojan Woman tactic?
  • This is so interesting.  I don't think American parents lack a (sometimes inflated) zeal of competition where their kids are concerned, however.  I just think it's oft...
  • Wow! That is just terrible! I worked for many years at a magazine which was very strict about the separation of advertising from editorial, and above all the clear lab...