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  • This is such an important point. Accuracy in data has to include language! I find this...language) as it varies tremendously from one country to another in accent and mode of expression. Have we connec...
  • ” I loved the book, mostly because it is filled with writing exercises inspired by sp...remember
 them. Expressing and listening to one’s own life story is an ancient mode of healing. How do we learn t...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    Do you want to make the process of shopping easier for you?...their behavior with bank good.  Most accepted mode Yes, without any doubt, a credit card is the most accepted mode on any online website. If you...
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  • Ketty wiliamson posted a status
    A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.
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    Lucinda Clark – Founder of the “Poetry Matters Project” BYBOOKBYBOOKPUBLICITYON SEPTEMBER 16, 2019 Lucinda Clark is the Founder of P.R.A. Publishing and the Poe...
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    Well, my neck is burning. But my determination is strong. I will complete Saoirse THIS year - 2023 and I'm getting everything in place to do just that.


  • What a wonderful idea, Deborah. I would also like to acknowledge the woman who introdu...s Literature at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. When I am in self-doubt mode, I still go back and read Dap...
  • PHENOMENAL tips here! I write YA too (just had my first novel come out in March, Blackbird Flies) so I could really use many of these. Thank you!   Chynna
  • Deborah, I cried constantly from the first time I heard the news through Obama's speec...s. But when it's people I know personally and love deeply, I kick into 'brave' mode and remain solid as a rock, a...