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    For people who celebrate the quirkiness, poetry, and frustration of the English language....
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    ...ey stand alone. Various literature review structures depend on what your field...
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  • teaching book on the value letting our stories out, as well as a process for doing so. I'm looking for a writing group that can give me some structure around the rewrite. For examp...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    ...and concrete blocks, and natural and artificial made stones to build structures like buildings. As modern...14. Burnished Cmu's will no longer require paintings in providing a structure with longer life-cycle costs....
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  • ...patterns you can try You might choose the classic five-stage plot structure: exposition, rising action, c...falling action and resolution. You might also choose the three-act structure – setup, confrontation, resol...


  • Nino Gugunishvili posted a reply
    That's wonderful! Nancy! Please keep in touch! Right now I'm also struggling with the structure and POV:)


  • ...ments, how to build an argument (or a plot), how to plan a large project ... and even some writing basics, such as paragraph length and sentence structure. As a writer, I've always be...
  • This is beautiful, "We heal when we transmute the chaos of life into the structure of a novel, when we learn to walk through the world as observers and students rather than wounded, wh...
  • Sounds fabulous, Jenni!  Thanks for taking us into your inner-world of structure, plotting and character.  Good luck writing!