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    Two hundred years ago, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, better know...ater, Indigo Ink Press will publish its third book, Modern Grimmoire: Contemporary Fai...your work embody your interpretation and fervor for modern fairy tales, fables and fol...
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    Masonry workers use clay bricks, cement, and concrete blocks, and natural and artificial made stones to build structures like buildings. As modern-day masonry, these are a hi...
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    I have question dealing with my current manuscript, and that is "what genre?" The reason that it is stumping me is because the plot relies on ambiguous sexual orientat...
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  • Susan P. Koniak posted a status
    I was born with a brain that works differently. I knew always, but the things my brain wouldn't do seemed so unimportant and so outweighed by its strengths that it wa...


  • I understand this syndrome very well. I quit smoking 12 years ago. I did find a healthy substitute, though, that allowed me to get the dreaming/plotting/visualizing, e...
  • Wow, Kathleen---this really puts it into perspective doesn't it. This is awesome, and thanks for the smart phone reminder suggestion. Very good. Any and all external structures we can find are helpful.
  • Excellent article. If I'm writing publicity material for a general audience I use Plain English, straightforward and uncomplicated so that it's easy to understand, but...