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    ...uestions as you want and get answers as soon as you do. And they don’t just write about adjustable beds. You can find many articles on many other subjects or Reading online reviews wil...
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  • Thank You Ms. Charvella J. Campbell. I heard your podcast and it's very interesting. Let's keep in touch with Brand New Subjects. Here is one...What do you think of changing Careers...
  • Started by Luisah Teish
    ...d. I would like to confer with other tellers on our ability to address important issues using myth, folklore, fairy tales and oral history. The subjects i love to address include but...
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  • Patricia C Akosah posted a status
    I like to write blogs on subjects that I want to write about. I don't put myself in one category as I am a free spirit that follows her bliss, whatever that might be.
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    ...imbibe the racism of their new country and for that reason avoid reaching out to black and Hispanic Americans? Himanee does confront other tough subjects, including the religious extr...


  • ...ed ellipsis. Of course there is no answer to the original question because we are left swimming in an ocean of incomplete sentences often lacking subjects but containing invented adver...
  • Great post, Meghan.  I was thinking along these lines.  I want to finish writing my novel first, but was thinking about blogging about subjects related to it as a way of promoting it.
  • ...I appreciate that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, if you find it off putting that I use humor and sarcasm to talk about these subjects, you will not like my writing...