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    Sorry if you've seen this twice, but the new interface works so much better.  I might actually be able to figure out how to use the site!   Seductress: Succubi Erotica...
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  • Hi, I'm Shelah!   I'm currently editing/revising and re-working a Memoir I co-authored...father’s other wives by boldly striving to experience an exclusive love and a modern, free life—like the Western...
  • Started by Jocelyn Chia
    ( The phrase "If I knew then what I know now" doesn't exist for no reason. Since returning from Singapo...
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  • And a book about a Peruvian boy with the habit of keeping a submissive attitude, a story about coming out of the box, out of our comfort zone that limits our dreams and goals. 'The Guinea Pig Republic' -again, translated from Spanish 'La Republica del Cuy'
  • Meadow, Thanks for your post... The message being sent is to conform vs. thinking for yourself... Or act like a man and think like a man... I am a woman who loves bein...