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  • When I started a blog about a year ago, I wondered what would bring subscribers. My idea was to feature a weekly writing exercise and a discussion about an aspect of b...
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  • Started by C. Lee Reed
    Having no trouble gaining a few followers on Twitter each day and I'm learning my way around it too.  I would prefer that instead of just accumulating followers, that...
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  • Yes, I've gotten a few subscribers too! The only other thing is that I haven't found how visitors can follow the blog. Maybe that's not a WP feature?


  • Elaine TaylorBrown posted a message for Laura Didyk
    Hi I have been on she writes for many years and am requesting that you and your followers will subscribe to my you tube channel elaine taylorbrown thank you. I need 1000 subscribers.


  • That is fun. I don't have as many subscribers as I'd like but those that I do have are literally from all over the world. It's awesome.
  • I'm lucky that I started out as a (very) amateur travel writer, just sending emails to a short list of friends and family. As I met people, and they asked to be added...
  • Hey Bernadette! Your article was featured in our member newsletter to over 30,000 subscribers today! Thanks so much for all your posts! ~Kristin Bustamante, Community Manager