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    I'm in the beginning process of self-publishing a photography coffee table book So now I need a name for my own press. A...
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    I am looking for some great Ideas to get and keep my groups active. No suggestion is too weird...probably. 
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    Cozy Cat Press is very new and very small; we specialize in cozy mysteries. So far we have published only two books--mine and my co-founder's. We are now starting to r...
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  • Rhonda Collins posted a status
    I am hoping to share thoughts with mothers of twenty-something daughters with a new two minute read I just wrote - any suggestions on what section to write/upload to?
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    BEHIND THE BOOK: BREAKING THROUGH SILENCE Breaking through silence, opening secrets, and writing about all of it can be dangerous and it can be wildly surprising a...
  • This draft is in its editing stage: any kind suggestions are welcome.


  • Good question! How to get the word out...I am viewing this as a marathon, not a race, with a goal to sell a fairly minimal amount of books. And the best thing about PO...
  • Hi Rosemarie I've just seen your last question which I didn't see before. 'How do you convey necessary background information?' Not sure you have to! If this is the...
  • Thank you for letting us know that we're not alone in our fears. Your suggestions will be useful.