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    Narcissism. Taking control of your life with a narc, ceasing to supply.Eternal Sunshine of the Narcissist's to handle being used by a narcissist or a person with narcissistic tendencies.
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    ...but didn’t know what. Then we went to live in Eagle Nest and I found what my heart and soul had been searching for. There was something about the sunshine, mountains, the fresh clean a...
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  • Hello! I'm Debi Lewis, and my blog is called "Swallow, My Sunshine." You can find it at I'm writing about the experience of unraveling my daughter's medical mysteries over the last eight years, including the role that a parent's instinct can play.


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    ...eople crowded into a ballroom and sat at tables furiously taking notes, even more furiously tapping out tweets and urgently asking questions at a Sunshine Week workshop on ensuring inf...
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    ...ies. Elinor survived 72 years of institutionalization with her wit and musical talent in tact; Elinor still played the piano and sang You Are My Sunshine every night. I filled my not...


  • What is the title of your book and how can I readi t? I understand its difficult to write about family members. There's also a title a Dad wrote, hurry down sunshine. He wrote it i think to help others.
  • ...h an animal's eyes. I submitted a poem entitled "Sus Scrofa", which is written about an animal who is separated from his mother,and longs to feel sunshine. The poem details how the ani...
  • ...nces where there should be a comma before the word. Can you explain when and where this is true?  "Conjunction, junction whats your function..." -Sunshine Saturday on ABC  LOL