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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    ...ed for flysheets; however synthetic textiles are used on occasion. This is a tent with a triangular form. The two vertical poles at the ends are supported by a horizontal pole. This...
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  • Started by Alex Jimenez
    ...c rules for fencing with foils, swords, and sabers that is officially supported by the FIE ( for fencing with foils, swords, and sabers that are officially supported by the FIE. Learn real techni...
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  • Started by Jane Schreiner
    ...articipant is done which came about naturally. It's a place to say things safely out loud without unsolicited feedback, be quietly accepted and supported and move on to the next perso...
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  • ...phenomenal developmental editor who had really restructured my first novel, Things Unsaid. I consider him my favorite beta reader since he has supported so many, many authors Hope t...
  • Sarah Kennedy posted a status
    ...of, “I did it,” because I know I didn’t do it. Not alone, anyway. None of this would have been possible without so many others who encouraged, supported, and even drove me to just ne...


  • Thank you Irene for your kind support - yes, it has been hard.  I don't regret doing my story but I still feel so badly about what has happened between myself and my sons - heartache does not nearly describe how I feel.  But I am also supported in living my own life and that is wonderful.
  • ...reading it!  And I am more confident about asking them to help me, e.g., nominate me on Kindle Scout, write a review, buy the book.  I felt very supported to hear from so many people -...
  • Thank you so much, all, for the encouragement and for the very thoughtful comments. This really makes me feel so supported and encouraged in the work we are all involved in! Keep writing, everyone. What better remedy...?