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  • I am probably most afraid that what I write will be dumb...I am far away from I am finding it hard to create the space for myself to get into my writing mode which is a special place--I a...
  • And now from the other end of the NJ-South journey... A NJ native, I moved to western NC four years ago after 20 years in the DC area (which I discovered is not really...
  • Rebecca, following up on Tanya's post, I know there are CA Writers Clubs all over the bay area (they host the Jack London Conference, among other things) - including o...


  • Linda Weaver Clarke posted a status
    Research is Fun and Educational When Writing Historical Fiction: Writing Historical Fiction is such fun. If you do good research, it helps you to understand how the pe...
  • Shelley Workinger posted a status
    Hopefully you're in the NYC area, because you're going to want to head to Patsy's after reading this week's #FoodFic :
  • Elayne Clift posted a status
    If you'll be in the neighborhood, I'll be in Ithaca, NY's public library reading from my latest anthology, TAKE CARE: Tales, Tips and Love from Women Caregivers, on Sept. 12 @ 6 pm. Also in the DC area at Cedar Lane UU Church, Bethesda, on Sept. 23rd @ 2 pm.


  • So cool about the app, I hadn’t heard. Downloading it now. I love BEA and have been going for I think the last 8 years. It’s an amazing event, filled with free books,...
  • I remember you posting a message to me on Twitter to tidy the area and get ready for the next day...great advice. Im still working on the getting to bed on time thing. -bb
  • You might have already thought of these, but here's some ideas: You can set up a tour yourself, if you're willing to pay for travel. But I'd advise going where you ha...