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    ...become a well know personality. One of the great advantages is opportunities will open...
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    ...ants properly to ensure they're the right fit for the unit in a "Right to Rent" check. It verifies if the tenant has the financial wherewithal to sustain their stay in the property. A...
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    ...y Mormon contemporaries. While Mormon girls memorized passages of the Book of Mormon, I bought a cross to own what my Catholic best friend had to sustain her through troubled times, o...
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  • Nicely put, Elizabeth, about the inevitable way things evolve on-line. Maybe it is more of a buffet table than a sit down and share a meal together table, but I value both tables. Like you, I can only sporadically sustain conversation, and this thread provides a low pressure medium.


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    Guest Kathryn Gauci uses #FoodFic to "portray the difference between the glittering dinner parties of the German elite and the French people who were barely able to sustain themselves":
  • ...undly affected my life and my personal recovery. How it continues to sustain me and the individuals in my...s the Yoga of Awakening. This practice has enabled me to implement and sustain compassion with myself and ot...


  • Yes! Buy the lemonade--always, even if it's got bugs in it. But don't drink the Koolaid of self-righteousness and entitlement. It won't sustain you. Stay humble. It is character-building and in the long run it will earn the respect of others.
  • Hi, Dawn!  Yes, in 2011/2012, I would've encouraged anyone to self-publish, with no caveats.  But now, it's harder to break in and sustain sales without knowing something about brandi...
  • ...have allowed myself to write as long as I wanted - for hours!  The truth, though, is that it's quite hard on the brain and would be difficult to sustain even if I didn't have to driv...