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    ...the Democrats laying the groundwork for the 2012 election, and one of my regrets about the actual election (as opposed to the one Senator Quiver targets in my novel) is that child ca...
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  • I'm not sure I can, but I want to try and having other people reading with me will help me hit my targets.
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    ...g good can come of the haunting. And he's right. The evil spirit, an echo, doesn't hide itself from residents of this bay-side town and violently targets men in Kara's life, almost ki...
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  • Thanks for the idea, Maria. It's always nice to get a little nudge to do some more marketing. I've reached out by e-mail to some targets, but the idea of an actual book in the mail for holiday gifts makes a real difference. Love your tips!
  • I joined FB because a couple of friends with whom I no longer speak said it was fun. When my book came out in '12 FB and Twitter became primary targets. My first friend selection were...
  • Great advice! It is so easy to get carried away and starting to beat oneself up for not achieving all targets everyday.