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    When you entered the world of celebrities, your life will not be normal anymore. It takes...
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    The traditional, elaborate Ghagra abayas are still very much in fashion. There are...
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  • In the summer of 1968, my parents sold our home ranch out on the south fork of the Milk River, and bought another place nearer to town. There were myriad challenges. B...
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  • I like the picture, but as a cover it's not busy enough for my taste. I think the title needs to be bigger and the image is lost in the words. Someone should write a l...
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    I woke up one morning after blogging on conflict resolution issues for a year and said to my husband, "I could easily write an ABC's of Conflict Resolution." He (a lit...
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    Al Jaffee: MAD Magazine’s All-Around “Mentsh” with Much “Tam” About a year ago at this time, I interviewed two recently emerged and international musical performers...
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    John Michael Koffi’s “Refuge-e: The Journey Much Desired” is a memoirs of his teens _ years he had barely left when he self-published his book earlier this year. It is...
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    "Serial killers with questionable taste in food." This week's #FoodFic from Emily Deibler:


  • Thank God! I was afraid my literary taste buds had gone wonky. I love detective novels, especially those set in foreign countries, and had looked forward eagerly to re...
  • Cathy I must taste that sweetness more often! I love it! Thank you for sharing. A.
  • Thank you so much for all the love and questions! To address one of the big questions (What do I write about?) this is usually the first big hurdle to overcome. I comp...