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  • Happy Thanksgiving to all!  I'm on the hunt for a book that covers legalese for writers - criminal law specifically. I've got three students at Osgoode Hall Law school...
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  • Started by Laura G Owens
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    Hi, I'm listening to a wonderful CD, "Building Great Sentences" a series of lectures, 28 hours, by Professor Brooks Landon. While it is pretty academic and seeped in...
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  • Started by Ripley Patton
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    Do the teens in your book say, "Buzz off"? Do they use terminology from your adolescence, not today's adolescence? Do they swear too much or not enough? Do they have r...
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  • Wow.   Stunning...those last lines, especially.  Perfect description...nothing fancy, to-the-point direct terminology, but hard-hitting and snappy...very good.  Well-put in every way.  Subtle, snappy and quick...amazing. Congratulations :) Terrific triumph.
  • Jill, absolutely I'll be mindful in terminology! The word choice can reflect character and subtext. On a personal level, I wish there was a way to value animal life more... To increase quality of life and rethink ownership as guardianship.
  • I am so with you Sarah. When I had my brief turn as an entrepreneur, it was mind-boggling trying to keep up with the terminology. Things like "disruptive technologies"...