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  • ...illionaire philanthropists Eli and Edythe Broad, is one of the hottest tickets in downtown Los Angeles. Just scan the huge stand-by crowds for tickets (which are free) on a weekday...
  • Started by Carolin Zeitler initiative (to give an example from events: if you sell the tickets at dumping prices at the last minute this year, next year people will wait to buy their tickets, as they will count on them g...
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  • ...r pen and paper. 18+ with ID. $30 at the door/$23 in advance. Get tickets at Stranger Tickets. Center for Sex Positive Cult...ring laptop or pen and paper. $25/person; register at Brown Paper Tickets. Q Center, 4115 N. Mississipp...
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  • I write on scraps, I write sideways on lined paper. I write on napkins, on the backs of dry cleaning tickets, anything to get myself started. It helps me not think of my work as precious. It helps me overcome the fear of What if this isn't good? 
  • So true. I feel as though I'm packed, have tickets in hand, organized my home...but have no idea where I'm going! There are too many options for everything. The biggest challenge for...
  • Congratulations, Brooke! I am so glad you got tickets. And I agree with those who say you are a trailblazer. Way to go!